We are an Apostolic Church

New Wine Christian Centre is an Apostolic Church, a community of believers who seek to live in the victory given by the life of Christ through HIS Word. We embrace the all-sufficiency of the Word of God demonstrated in the ever winning lifestyle of the Apostles, the same available to us today. We enjoy corporate worship and encourage continual fellowship of the brethren in strengthening the faith of the saints.


    • Spiritual Life – Righteousness, peace and joy at a personal level are the things that uphold our lives, relationships and service. Rom.14:17
    • The Word – Everything eternal and valuable begins and ends with the Word of God. Human wisdom, no matter how reasonable, relevant, and intelligent it appears, will never produce what God desires where there are issues of eternal significance.


  • Prayer- As God’s House is defined as a House of Prayer, personal and corporate prayer life is vital to sustain our spiritual focus. James 4:6


  • Commitment- The self-sacrificing effort that is the bedrock of continuity and stability. In a world that is governed by feelings and convenience, only a commitment to give our all, no matter the season, will ensure our longevity and continued growth.
  • Evangelism-The outflow of love and grace to a world that does not know Him ensures the inflow of grace, resources (both material and personnel), and increased influence to accomplish the Great Commission. Mark 16:15-20; Acts 2:37
  • Innovation and Creativity- We constantly evaluate our methods and forms in maximizing effective & efficient ministry for Christ. I Chr.12.32
  • Prosperity- Vision is made possible by money. No money, no great progress. 2 Cor.8:9; 2 Cor.9:8. Great vision is accomplished by the faith that generates great finances.
  • The Supernatural. The Christian life begins with a miracle and is to be advanced by many miracles-the miracle of growth, the miracle of healing, the miracle of provision and many other types of miracles. John 2:11; Acts 2:22; Gal.3:5; John 14:12.A�
  • Authentic worship- Rom 12.1-2 We see worship as an attitude of acknowledging God’s supremacy in our personal lives ( being our response to the revelation of the Holiness of God and in the corporate worship of the name of God each and every time we gather as a people. 
  • Discipleship- Our core assignment given to us by Christ is to raise disciples for Him. Acts 28:19-20. The dedicated discipleship platforms like New Wine Rhema Class and many others, help us fulfilling this.
    • Change- The local church, full of people, must of necessity embrace change in order to become what they are. To Endeavour to progress without embracing change of numerous kinds is to live in fantasy. God is always taking us into a anew place out of our traditions, comfort zones, previous ways of thinking and doing that He might accomplish His plans. 2 Cor.3:18. The Church of Christ is evolving at the personal and corporate level until the task is complete and He returns for her. Eph.4:13,15